Capture any data. On any device.

Compliance Forms. Tydy makes it simple and easy to capture data for compliance.
Capture skills data. Create custom forms to capture skills and other personal data.
Contextual Feedback. Do not wait for day 30 or the quarterly analysis. Ask for feedback as soon as an event happens. 

The complete solution.

Digital Data capture

Tydy creates a single data form to collect all the new hire data you require from a compliance and organization perspective.

In-built validations and verification

Tydy's Smart Data Capture uses in-built validations and verifications to ensure that the data you capture is always correct.

Mobile enabled, any-device enabled

Whether your employees want to fill it up on their desktop, tablet or mobile phones - Tydy gives them the quickest and simplest experience.

Let's get started on automating and easing up your data capture.

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