Capture data & documents

Capturing the right data at the right time is tough. Which is why it’s the first thing we decided to simplify.

Smart forms

Capture data from new hires - demographic data, skills data, education qualifications, work history, custom fields, compliance data, insurance etc.

The employee application form and the employee application form.

Document uploads. Made seamless, automated and personalized.

Automate the process of who needs to upload what document and when. While you grab a cup of ☕️.

Make employee data available at the right place and at the right time.

Whether it’s IT, payroll, admin or an external vendor, you just need to tell Tydy what data needs to be sent to whom, and you can consider it done!

A bunch of signs that are on a black background.

One-click Compliance Workflows

Ready to Onboard

1-click verification of all upstream process completion and status. 

  • Before Tydy 10 hr/employee
  • After Tydy 1 min/employee

Document approvals

Automated review of the new hire data & documents

  • Before Tydy 5 hr/employee
  • After Tydy 2 min/employee

IT Asset Request

Request IT assets for each team member

  • Before Tydy 2 days/employee
  • After Tydy 5 min/employee

Activate access

Active compliance-driven access and security across software and facility

  • Before Tydy 3 days /employee
  • After Tydy 6 min/employee

Compliance Approval

Escalation for non-compliance or verification insufficiencies. 

  • Before Tydy 1 hr/employee
  • After Tydy 5 min/employee

Setup payroll

Create a badge for each employee eligible for one

  • Before Tydy 1 hr/employee
  • After Tydy 1 min/employee

Audit Log & Report

Auto-generate audit log and report of employee data access 

  • Before Tydy 8 hr/employee
  • After Tydy 2 min/employee

Initiate verification

Kick start the verification process based on compliance rules & policies.

  • Before Tydy 3 days /employee
  • After Tydy 5 min/employee