Capture + Verify

Data capture & Verification is complex and tiring. Which is why it’s the first thing we decided to simplify.

With Tydy, you can collect all your data in one place, connect it to every system and department that needs it, update it across apps with one click and make sure it’s all validated and verified - all neat and clean - as it should be.

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How it works

Digitization of Forms

Smart Forms

We built that one, perfect form - the only one you’ll ever need! No paperwork, no duplication, no room for human error, and no 🥱

Employee Document Collection

Document Uploads

Automate the process of who needs to upload what document and when. Grab a cup of ☕️ instead.

Employee Data Routing

Data Routing

Whether it’s IT, payroll, admin or an external vendor, you just need to tell us what data needs to be sent to whom, and you can consider it done!

PDF Digitization for Statutory Forms

PDF Digitization (India Only)

Automate digitization and generation of PDFs for statutory forms like. This feature is presently only available for India.

Employee Background Verification Management

Manage Vendors

You have multiple background verification vendors. We understand the pain. Let us make it easier to manage it all from one place.

Route Background Verification Cases

Route Cases

Automagically, route the right case to the right vendor with Tydy's BGV Routing Engine.

Manage different types of Employee Background Verification

Manage Checks

Are you thinking employment check, education check, database checks, criminal checks and more? Configure it in minutes on Tydy.

Employee Data Security

Secure Your Data

One platform means your employee data is not being sent different places. Your IT and security officer will love you for it! ❤️

Email Notifications

Secure Vendor Access

Give vendors as much or as little access as you want so they can view documents, raise insufficiencies, complete verifications and upload reports.

Escalations and Reminders

Reminders & Escalations

Set and trigger reminders and escalations so you never have to follow up manually again. Less busywork. More time for meaningful work.

Insights and reports on case status, vendor performance

Insights & Reports

TAT times, case status, vendor performance and much more. Keeping an eye on process efficiency is simple and easy with Tydy 😎