Unlock value by automating the flow of data.

Easy approvals & Data flows

Kick start processes with data

Orchestrate data movement to kick start approvals and workflows for processes like Asset Allocation, Payroll, Security and more.

Sync data across the organization

Ensure that all your employee systems and SaaS apps are synced with the latest and freshest data.

Introduce new apps with ease

Bring in new SaaS and productivity apps with ease ensuring that data sanctity is maintained across the entire ecosystem.

Master Data Management.

Unified 360 degree view of each employee

Unify your employee's touch points across all platforms, apps and channels. A single view to understand the status of each event and milestone.

Intelligent early-warning signals

For the first time, you get timely warning signals showing you who is inactive or potentially slipping away. So you can take corrective measures before it's too late.

Milestones, events and completion rates

Gather insights and see the bigger picture using Tydy's dashboard that gives you real-time data on milestones and event completions.

Manage vendors.

Automate & manage verification processes

Add & manage your vendor routing rules for background verification and leave the rest to Tydy.

Secure Vendor Interface

The leading background verification vendors from around the world use Tydy's interface to claim & manage cases to speed up TAT and deliver the best service.

Comprehensive Reports & Data Workflows

Your onboarding and internal movements are governed by verification reports. Let Tydy manage it for you without the need for spreadsheets and manual intervention.

Unlock the best experience with data flows across your IT infra.

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