Analytics & Insights

EX just got so much smarter thanks to intelligent insights based on unified data. Tydy makes sure your data makes sense, and most importantly, is actionable.

Unified Profile View

Imagine a single page where you see absolutely everything for each individual. Status, completion, tasks, documents, milestones, and everything else - you get a 360 degree view from hire to retire.

A screenshot of a web page with a number of options.
Two screens showing a user's account and a user's account.

Access management simplified

Stop worrying about who has access to sensitive data and analytics. With Tydy, switch on or off access to data and dashboards with a few clicks.

Filter, slice & dice

How do you like your data? Well done? Sliced? Diced? We got all these flavors and more for your analytics and dashboarding needs. And if there's something missing, just let us know!

Yeah, that's how much we love data.

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Two screens showing the same time and date.

Build your reports

With our Report Builder, you can create as many reports as you want. Audit reports or process reports - they are all easy to view, download and share.

Early warning signals

Who is dropping off, slipping away, getting stuck or lagging behind - Tydy triggers early warning signals to give you an amazing insight into your employees at just the right time. So interventions can take place when they can have the most impact.

Three different types of shipping info.