Tydy ensures that your new hires have the best experience and that the rest of the team are on the same platform to manage it.

Bring your team together. On one platform

For the first time, Tydy brings your HR team, recruiters, hiring manager & the new hire on the same platform. With automated notifications, tasks lists and dashboards - Tydy helps you build the best & most complete onboarding process for your new hires.

Configure smart onboarding flows in minutes

Configure onboarding flows for each team, location or group and set it on autopilot. Every time a new employee is added, Tydy will kickstart the flow automatically and keep reporting back on the status.

And, your new hire will get the right personalized content at the right time. From you. Automatically.

Send documents, tasks, messages, pulse surveys or enable preset modules

Over 50% of new hires believe that getting the right content at the right time adds value to the onboarding process. With Tydy, you can send different types of content, build survey programs and even create completely actionable messages that are part of a scheduled workflow - ensuring just that.

Get Insights that matter to the business

With Tydy’s data engine, you get insights for all roles in the onboarding process. More importantly, you get metrics like Offer Drop Out Rates, Avg Time to Productivity that impact business.

Tydy also gives you insights on the costs of your program and how it is tracking.

And, it's built for any device with no developer support required

Tydy gives your organization a powerful new hire process that can be consumed on any device. No development & no coding required. Everything is ready for you to deploy. And your employees will love the freedom to choose where they can access it from.

Let's get started and give your new hires a 5-star welcome experience!