Onboard. Engage. Analyze.

Automated Employee Onboarding

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Beautiful mobile onboarding for the employee along with automation that eases up time for the HR

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Tydy Listen →

Give your employees a voice and understand your organization culture performance.

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Predictive Employee Onboarding Analytics & People Analytics

Tydy Score →

With Tydy's data engine, you get insights for all roles in the process - with metrics like Offer-drop out, Avg time to Productivity & others that really impact business.

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Built for your enterprise

Relationship Manager

Your organization will receive a dedicated Relationship Manager who will guide you through setup, engagement strategies, improving your Tydy Score and much more. This is a relationship that will ensure a higher return for you.

Completely Scalable

Tydy is trusted by enterprises across industries. We have the capability to scale to thousands of your users and have the flexibility to cater to any scale. Whether you are hiring in the 10's or in the 1000's - Tydy provides a platform that is ideal for you.

Integrations to Systems

Tydy integrates with your ATS and HRMS software. Whether it is Oracle, SAP, Workday or a home-grown solution - Tydy will seamlessly integrate with your systems and make your life simple.

Enterprise-grade security

Your employee & organizational data is sacrosanct - for you and for us. We have out-of-the-box security features like Encryption of Data at Rest, In Transit and more. In addition we also archive your data in regular periods and you have complete control of it all.

The single platform to successfully onboard, engage & understand each employee