So, what do your new hires want?

You new hires want their managers involved in the process, want on-the-job training, a seamless first week, and an onboarding process that goes beyond just one week.

1 in 2 new hires

want to receive timely, organized & relevant content during their preboarding & onboarding experience.


Best in class companies are


more likely to have a well-structured preboarding process


1 in 3 new hires

want their managers to be highly involved in the onboarding process


Tydy is built for the employee

Beautiful New Hire Interface

Your new hires will be welcome with an experience that is engaging and accessible on any device. Tydy has been built to be mobile-first and easy to engage with.

Engagement & Communication

With tasks, docs, content, news, pictures, videos and more shared in one place, your new hire has all his/her communication in one place.

Employee Document Repository

Tydy becomes the one respository that your new hire will come back to for all the documents shared with them.

Tydy works for you

Smart Onboarding Flows

Configure onboarding flows for each team, location or group and set it on autopilot. Every time a new employee is added, Tydy will kickstart the flow automatically and keep reporting back on the status.

And, your new hire will get the right personalized content at the right time. From you. Automatically.

Enable multiple touchpoints for engagement

Over 50% of new hires believe that getting the right content at the right time adds value to the onboarding process. With Tydy, you can send different types of content, build survey programs and even create completely actionable messages that are part of a scheduled workflow.

Get Insights that matter to the business

With Tydy’s data engine, you get insights for all roles in the onboarding process. More importantly, you get metrics like Offer Drop Out Rates, Avg Time to Productivity that impact business.

Tydy also gives you insights on the costs of your program and how it is tracking.

Everyone together on one platform

For the first time, Tydy brings your HR team, recruiters, hiring manager & the new hire on the same platform. With automated notifications, tasks lists and dashboards - Tydy helps you build the best & most complete onboarding process for your new hires.

Tydy is customized

Enterprise-grade security

Your employee & organizational data is sacrosanct - for you and for us. We have out-of-the-box security features like Encryption of Data at Rest, In Transit and more. In addition we also archive your data in regular periods and you have complete control of it all.


Tydy is trusted by enterprises across industries. We have the capability to scale to thousands of your users and have the flexibility to cater to any scale. Whether you are hiring in the 10's or in the 1000's - Tydy provides a platform that is ideal for you.


Tydy integrates with your ATS and HRMS software. Whether it is Oracle, SAP, Workday or a home-grown solution - Tydy will seamlessly integrate with your systems and make your life simple.

Let's get started and give your new hires a 5-star welcome experience!