Personalized Employee Transitions.


Trigger campaigns based on events

Tydy campaigns can be configured to automatically start based on Hand-off, Role take overs, promotions or project team transitions. 


Automation of knowledge transfer

When moving away from a role, it is imperative to record the knowledge that the individual had in the role. Tydy gives you a template to automate knowledge transfer through forms and easy information flows. 

New Role Onboarding

Using the information adding during the Knowledge Transfer process, Tydy automates new role onboarding. 

Sync Data from the HR Systems

A regular sync with the HRMS and other systems ensures that processes and knowledge transfer processes are automatically triggered as data changes. 

Personalized Training 

Tydy understand's the role that the employee is transitioning to and will automate training to prepare for the new role. 

Additional Automations for
Employee Transitions

Find additional autoamtions that can be used to improve the transition experience and keep data in sync across multiple systems and stakeholders.

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