Listen to your employees & build a better culture

Regular & automated feedback, manager check-ins and peer feedback
Tydy's employee sentiment analysis software
Tydy Pulse Questions drives engagement

Regular feedback through the Pulse Module

Tydy will regularly poll your new hires about how they are feeling, understand their feedback on the company, culture, office, their role and much more.
The Pulse module compiles all of it and builds reports to give you an accurate understanding of your new hires.

Real-time view on your organization's culture performance

To understand your employees, it is important you understand what parts of the organizational are working for them and which ones are not. With Tydy's sentiment analysis module - you will get a clear, real-time picture of your organization's various parts.

Tydy employee sentiment analysis
Tydy employee sentiment analysis

Understand the trends in your organization

Analyze trends over time and see where improvements need to be made, which campaigns are resulting in higher scores and which ones are just not clicking with your employees.

Gamification & communication on a single platform