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Tydy uses consistent feedback from managers & peers to create a personal development dashboard for your employees. Forget about annual performance management reviews - Tydy brings you to the stage with what the modern workforce want from you.

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Performance Development.
Not performance management.

The age-old method of performance reviews has been a single dimension exercise that does not suit today's work. Today, we work in smaller & more nimble project teams - with ever-changing goals and objectives.

A yearly review process no longer works for your teams. Getting a rating at the end of 12 months does not help your employees develop themselves. They are looking for ways to scale up and build a better version of themselves.

Today, your employees want a process that gives them regular feedback for personal development. Learning faster, growing faster and having a sense of achievement. Organizations globally are looking for ways to enable this for their employees.

Encourage constructive feedback

  • Check-ins that are quick and easy to access on any device
  • Intelligent suggestions & prompts that make giving constructive feedback easier for managers & peers
  • Give feedback at scheduled intervals, immediately after a project, after an event or just about any time you choose

Personal development through insights

  • Your employees receive insights on the feedback received
  • Employees can respond to quick pulse surveys
  • Tydy picks up and highlights areas of strength
  • Also highlights areas that need improvement and can be an input to Learning / training

Intelligent learning suggestions based on feedback received

Tydy closes the loop from a performance development perspective. All the feedback being recorded is intelligently interpretted by our NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine to give learning recommendations to the employee.

This results in a very powerful way to enable and usher in a new learning process that was never before possible. A process that focuses on suggesting learning based on the employee's development in the organization.

Easy & super simple peer reviews

Peer reviews can be a very valuable input for the development of each individual. However, peers are not necessarily just restricted to the people in your team.

Tydy integrates with your email server or chat client to understand who each employee works with most - from across departments and layers and sends them requests to provide quick & simple feedback on the individual.

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