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Tydy redefines the way you onboard & engage your employees through automation and content engagement.

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We remember the bad old days - a lot of paperwork, communication spread across multiple channels, zero-visibility in to the performance of your onboarding & engagement and a ton of human coordination. We engineered Tydy to give you peace of mind - in minutes. And, our approach focuses on what the modern workforce wants and needs...

Automate repetitive & mundane tasks

Tydy automates and manages the repetitive tasks and checklists that need to be completed. Set up the process once and forget about it.

Let Tydy then manage it and send you alerts when things are not getting completed in spite of sending reminders and notifications. You can forget about managing these mundane tasks on a daily basis and focus on more strategic things - like creating engaging content & feedback campaigns.
  • Automate tasks and checklists
  • Use Templates to get managers involved
  • Get signals on non-completion

Easy upload of docs

Use Tydy's mobile upload feature to make it dead simple for employees to take pictures of their documents and send it to you.

Paperless forms

With Tydy's custom forms feature, make it easy for employees to complete forms and get automatic PDFs generated from it.

Create engaging content

Your employees have a really short attention span - which is why Tydy gives you the tools to create micro-content that is engaging and interactive. Use the Tydy editor to add videos, infographics, images, audio and much more.
  • Convert all your communication & content in to micro-sized drip campaigns
  • Your employees can experience the content on any device
  • Convert your onboarding content in to interactive & engaging experiences
  • Use Tydy's Content Solutions team to create engaging campaigns

Powerful campaign manager

Build campaigns that engage your candidates, new hires and employees. Tydy gives you templates to get started in minutes with out the need for IT, design or any other resources.

Segment employees

Segment your employees by location, department, role, level and much more to create specific campaigns for each one. Tydy's robust campaign manager makes it very simple to segment and target content, feedback and automation campaigns.

Understand your employees with ongoing feedback

With Tydy's feedback & engagement module, you get an understanding of how your employees are doing and what their sentiment is at any point of time. Create pulse campaigns that are short and quick surveys spread across time.
  • Use Tydy's library of questions or your own
  • Set your own schedule for feedback campaigns
  • Tydy supports multiple types of answers for your questions
  • Create anonymous response campaigns

Analyze Performance

Run your entire process on Tydy. See and manage every hire, onboarding, drop-off and more right from your Dashboard. Quickly get a snapshot of your processes and take immediate action. Each manager, HR exec and admin gets an individual account with fine-grained permissions.

Feature-packed platform for your enterprise

Tydy gives you the reins to create custom forms and convert the data from those forms in to multiple PDFs that your employees might have to sign or reference. Automagically.
Beautiful employee experience
Give your employees a single interface to access all the communication, documents and forms. Tydy gives your users the access it on an app, email or web browser.
Automated reminders & notifications
Whether it's following up on checklists, content shared or just reminding employees about incomplete tasks - Tydy takes all the headache away from you and automates the process.
Involve managers & recruiters
With Tydy, you can create campaigns that involve managers and in the onboarding and engagement processes. Create tasks and guidance content to help them engage better.

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