One place to manage the entire employee experience

A single app and a single place to manage all your employee onboarding & engagement initiatives.

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Employee Onboarding that increases retention

Whether you are managing 100s of new hires a month or just a couple - Tydy will eliminate all your mundane & repetitive activities and deliver a smooth, single interface experience your new hires.

Saves you time through automation

  • With Tydy's employee onboarding module - you can schedule onboarding workflows to fire automatically
  • Create multiple workflows for roles, locations, departments, levels or any other combination
  • Create & manage automated checklists and tasks
  • Automatically share documents, images, learning videos based on where the employee is in the process
  • Tydy integrates with all your systems to make data capture smooth & seamless and eliminate manual work

The best new hire experience on any device

  • A single app to manage all the onboarding formalities
  • A completely personalized experience for each individual
  • Data capture that is mobile-based and eliminates paper entry
  • Gamification that leads to higher engagement and participation

Real-time analytics on performance & process

  • Real-time analytics and insights for managers
  • View in to what is working and what is not
  • Splice & dice data as you want - no IT or analyst required

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