Being employee-centric is no longer a choice or a differentiator. It is a requirement. With Tydy, you build on your employee centricity and become the employer-of-choice.

Welcome to the Employee Economy.
The Employee Economy

The individual decides whether an organization deserves their time, experience and commitment.

At the center of the Employee Economy is the fact that employees have the freedom to choose their career path and the organization they want to work with.

Employees have changed. They are looking for more from organizations. They want to be engaged, connect with the culture and see the potential career path in an organization. Employees want to be mentored and guided through their tenure. Money is no longer the most important motivator when joining an organization.

This drastic shift in employee attitude and opportunities has not taken place over decades - this shift has happened within the last few years.

The result? Organizations have had to change rapidly and those that are unable to move quickly lose out on hiring the most talented and skilled people for their roles. This is one of the main reasons why in the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune500 companies have vanished. Dead.

The Employee Economy is a term we have coined to define this period. A period marked by the growing influence of the employee, and one that has businesses scurrying to adapt.

People today want


Focusing on building relationships with your employees requires providing for these three tenets. Whether it is offering the freedom and the flexibility of work-from-home, remote working, a better work-life balance. Whether it is understanding that the employee chooses the organization and not the other way around. And most importantly understanding that the modern workforce does everything on their mobile devices - it is critical for organizations to address these across all their processes.

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We live in an #EmployeeEconomy

by Kiran Menon, CEO & Co-Founder of Tydy

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The Foundation to being an Employee-Centric organization is made up of 4 tenets
A great experience
People today are looking for an experience. Whether it's shopping, gaming, messaging or at the workplace. We believe that providing a great experience from the candidate/preboarding stage is critical for organizations of all sizes.
Guidance & Learning
The need to learn and grow is ingrained in all of us. People choose your organization based on what learning, mentorship and growth opportunities are available to them - making it critical to show them the potential from your first interaction with them.
Culture is one of the most important decisions a candidate makes before coming on board. Do they feel that the organization's personality works with their own is one of the key questions. It's important to share content that will positively reinforce the culture of the company and assure the individual of a great place to spend a majority of their time.
Analysis & Strategy
Great organizations constantly analyze, learn and improve their people processes. Constant and real-time analytics and insights helps your organization understand the employees and offer a better experience at every stage.

The Employee Economy is here and your business has fundamentally changed.

And we've got your back.