Unified Profiles

Team Tydy

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Knowing what each of your team mates need and enabling them with it is a pretty big part of being an effective manager. With Tydy we help you understand by giving you a unified 360 degree view of each individual in your team. 

With great power comes great responsibility

How do you use the Unified Profile for your team? How do you get the best out of it? 

With Tydy’s Unified Profile, you get to see what each individual in your team has completed. And more importantly, what they have not completed. The Unified Profile consolidates your employee's overall progress, task completion status, engagement information, and permissions / access level. It also includes information about their key contacts, including any assigned mentors or buddies that the manager could reach out to for additional context or support. You can utilize this capability to have a more personalized conversation with your employee, use it as a backdrop for your check-ins and quickly identify where they need to focus to help ensure the necessary tasks are completed.