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Tydy Journeys is the easiest way to craft a beautiful & personalized experience at scale. Whether you have five new hires or a 100 , the module helps you build pathways segmented by role, location, department, experience and much more. 

Create multiple journeys 

When you are thinking of journeys - do not think of a single journey for each individual. Think about how you could bring together multiple pathways for your teams. For example, let's assume we have Tanya joining your engineering team as a lead Front-end developer.

You could design your journeys in the following way

  1. Welcome to the Company - a generic journey that every one joining the company might be taken along.
  2. This is our Front-end dev Team - a journey that introduces the individual to the the front end team, the culture, the tools used by the team, the leaders and more.
  3. Some boring stuff - a campaign that introduces new hires to the boring, but necessary administrative and operational processes.
  4. Leaders and Mentors you should know - build out a journey that introduces your team to leaders and mentors that they can reach out to. This is important from a coaching and growth perspective. You also get to show your teams the different career paths and trajectories within the organization.

As you can see - it becomes really easy to create intricate and personalized journeys. Not all employees have to be on the same one. You could create simple segments and target journeys based on those segments. The most common segmentation we see companies use are by role, location, department, seniority and work streams.