Making Connections on Tydy

Team Tydy

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Let Tydy be your chief enabler. With our matching and segmentation engine, your teams will get coaching content and direct connects with their coaches and mentors. What’s more, Tydy has a lot of unique ways to bring learning and coaching together in one place. 

Coaches and learning journeys can go hand in hand

On Tydy, when you create a learning journey or coaching journey - you can include the coach along with the team. This ensures more involved participation and a very quick response rate as well. 

Motivation is at an all time high when new hires can easily, with one-click, reach out to their coach for questions or clarifications. 

What’s more, your brand new employees don't have to worry about the awkwardness that accompanies having to reach out to a complete stranger for help or guidance. They can click on the “Connect” button and initiate a conversation with their coaches and mentors to clarify, question and engage in a collaborative manner.