Involve Your Managers

Team Tydy

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Your team managers and leads have a great reason to get involved on Tydy. You want to democratize knowledge creation for the team and there is no better way than to get team leads and managers to add their expertise and know-how.

Types of Content

With Tydy, you can create various types of content

  1. Questions and Surveys
  2. Tasks for team mates based on timelines
  3. Long Form Content
  4. Audio Content
  5. Video Content
  6. Image and Graphic Content

Knowledge Creation

Here are some quick tips on how you could build a knowledge base across your teams

  • Invite Subject Matter Experts and Mentors to add content about their fields of expertise.
  • Add managers of teams and give them the access to create customized onboarding and learning journeys for their teams.
  • Bring senior colleagues in to the knowledge creation and journey building phase to ensure that your new hires and teams always learn from the collective knowledge of the organization.
  • Create a culture of feedback by creating quick pulse surveys that do not take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

PRO TIP: We can help your managers, SMEs and mentors get started with content creation. Ask them to reach out to us for ready templates.