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HR + IT -  The Workforce Infrastructure Of The Future

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There is enough research out there that talks about the proliferation of apps in the enterprise. Last I remember was that there is an average 25 — 30 apps that each individual is required to use to get their work done and wade through the internal processes. And in the enterprise, there are over 500 apps used

It is my view that the number of apps enterprises will adopt on average will continue to climb. And as we move in to this world of virtual conversations and collaboration — there will be a bigger need for it. Specialized point solutions doing what the big generic players cannot.

And that is why we are at the cross roads of a new movement — one where HR and IT will merge to define a new workplace. A new workplace that is built on an integrated ecosystem of living apps that share data with each other to make sure that we, as workers, are not forced to do more.

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