Onboarding Automation.
Saves HR hours of manual work.

Tydy automation saves companies over 15,000+ HR man hours

New hire form filling digitized a 100%

Give your new hires just one smart form to fill and let Tydy automatically generate all the statutory & company forms for you. 

Create segments and target groups

Use Tydy's sophisticated targeting engine to create segments of employees based on role, location, department, worklevel and just about any thing else. 

Automate Follow Ups with Key Stakeholders

Following up with the new hire, manager, IT, Facilities and other roles can be tedious and time consuming. Leave it to Tydy and enjoy a hot cup of coffee instead. 

Personalized Communication & Engagement

Create campaigns that target specific segments of the workforce based on data and analysis. This also ensures that every one gets a completely personalized experience.

Easy integration with Background verification process

Tydy picks up documents from your new hires and automatically sends it over to your background verification vendors to automate the process and rid you off any follow ups or tracking. 

Standardize & manage global onboarding on one platform

A single platform to manage onboarding across locations and regions. Tydy gives you the tools to develop and manage a global strategy for onboarding across your entire workforce. 

Feedback that is contextual and relevant

Don't wait till Day 30 and Day 90 to get feedback. With Tydy's proprietary campaign technology, you get the ability to ask for feedback at various important touchpoints - interview feedback on offer acceptance, Day 1 feedback, Week 1 feedback, asset allocation feedback and much more. 

Process Personalization.
Results in retention.

"Tydy reduced our first year attrition by more than 65%"

A journey that's delivers communication, training and messages at the right time

Tydy gives new hires the ability to learn about the company, the role and the culture over a period of time. Bite-sized and relevant to where the new hire is in the journey. 

Give new hires the ability to engage & upload of documents from any device. 

Tydy gives your new hires a convenient and simple way to upload their background verification documents and track the review status through the same interface. 

Segmentation for true personalization

Send only the communication and information that's relevant for the individual. Use Tydy Targeting to segment new hires by location, department, role etc.  

Gamified & Mobile-first

WIth game mechanics and a mobile-first experience, your new hires are engaged through the entire journey. 

Deliver sophisticated digital-first content

With Tydy's content editor, send powerful and engaging content that is made for mobiles and digital devices. Infograhics, videos, flash cards come alive on the platform. 

Personal Journey Map

Your new hires will always know where they are in the journey and process and how much they have completed. In fact, Tydy makes it very easy for a new hire to understand their path. 

Insights for the company

"Tydy gives me one place to manage the whole process"

Understand where each person is

Tydy gives you the ability to determine where each person is in their journey and how much has been completed and what is pending. 

Early warning signals 

For the first time, you get early warning signals showing you who is potentially slipping away and those who are inactive. 

Intelligent Insights

Spot patterns and trends from your onboarding journey. Uncover hidden insights and data that can help you streamline the process further and improve onboarding for your future new hires. 

Know what's working and what's not

Data pulled in about every single interaction, event and action gives you insights on what is working, what content is not relevant, what are you missing and much more. 

Integrations with your systems

"Tydy brings every one and every system together. It's true bliss."

WIth Tydy integrations, you can be sure that no data falls between the cracks and you are not left managing data manually. 
We integrate with all of the most popular enterprise systems and even most of the less known ones. In fact, if you have developed something on your own - don't worry - we got you covered. 

See the Platform in Action