Smart employee onboarding

Tydy helps HR, hiring managers & exec teams move faster & save costs while designing beautiful & engaging onboarding experiences.
Tydy's automated employee onboarding workflows

All types communication on one platform

Send or schedule messages, training videos, documents, company images and much more through one platform. And, with gamification, your engagement rates will soar.

Increase employee engagement using gamification

Automate onboarding across the organization

Set up workflows for teams, locations and roles once - and then sit back and watch Tydy take over the management & delivery for each individual.

employee onboarding automation & workflows

Paperless data capture

No more paper for your new hires. With Tydy, they can enter their information on any device, upload ID documents by taking pictures of it and complete the process in a breeze.

Easy & simple new hire data capture
employee onboarding workflow

Visually configure communication triggers

With Tydy you can visually configure your workflows and decide when each communication has to trigger based on behaviors or time.

Personalized, at any scale

Whether you are hiring 1 person every month, every week or every minute - Tydy ensures that your onboarding communication is personalized for each individual.

personalized employee onboarding

Gamification that results in engaged new hires

With levels to complete and points to earn, badges to win and redemption opportunities - the new hire is taken through an immersive and gamified experience.

Gamified employee onboarding

Level-based training and induction content

With Tydy, your new hire induction and training content is also scheduled and delivered on the same platform. In fact, you can create levels for them to complete and earn points - making it more fun and engaging.

Instant notifications & follow up reminders

Tydy ensures that none of your employees are left behind with automated notifications & reminders. Based on behaviors and thresholds, we automatically fire alerts and reminders to employees.

Automate the manual & administrative tasks to get more time to spend on strategic things.