Easy Offboarding. 
A great experience for everyone.

Tydy automation saves companies over 15,000+ HR man hours

Digitize your Exit Survey

Give your new hires the opportunity to record their feedback and state real reasons for exit through a feedback survey that supports anonymous answers. 

Segmentation for Personalized Exit

Depending on the role, location and department - segment your offboarding processes and campaigns to thank them for their time and investment. 

Notify key stakeholders in time

Create notifications for IT, Assets, Finance and others to complete their exit processes in time to help smooth out the journey. 

Create guides for managers

Take managers through a checklist and guide to ensure that the exit process is smooth for the employee. 

Sync Data across systems

With Tydy, employee data will always be synced across multiple systems like payroll, HR, facilities and more. 

Automate papaerwork

Let Tydy automate and collect all the data that is needed for a Full & Final Settlement and closure of employment. 

Checklists to ensure process completion

Drive checklist based audits to ensure that process is completed and coordinated across multiple stakeholders. 

It's inevitable... but at least you can better understand why people leave

"Understand what the real reason for exit is..."

Really understand why people leave

With the ability to deliver a mix of anonymous and named answers, you get the option of giving employees the tools to be candid. 

Learn from the signals

Tydy lets you build reports that identify the key drivers of attrition and what needs your attention and focus. 

Build your own reports

With Tydy's Report Builder, you get the option to define the data sets that you need to create your own custom reports. 

Get real-time insight in to what's working

Data pulled in about every single interaction, event and action gives you insights on what is working, what was not relevant, what are you missing and much more. 

Integrations with your systems

"Tydy brings every one and every system together. It's true bliss."

WIth Tydy integrations, you can be sure that no data falls between the cracks and you are not left managing data manually. 
We integrate with all of the most popular enterprise systems and even most of the less known ones. In fact, if you have developed something on your own - don't worry - we got you covered.