Let us help you understand & deliver on what matters most to your employees.

Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes understand what matters most to their transform the employee experience as a result of it. 

We are a product-first company and our goal is to make it "no-code" easy for any one to manage the employee experience at any scale. 

We help HR know what matters to their employees and build programs around it.
We help each employee know what matters to their jobs and be more productive efficiently.
We help managers know what matters to their teams and enable them more.
We help executives know what matters to the organization in order to enable success.

We help people understand what matters most to each other.
We help people build better relationships by understanding each other better.


The employees of today want flexibility, autonomy, transparency inclusiveness, etc - and you need to understand them to provide a better service.

We want to help you scale a culture that's authentic and unique you, gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed and where every employee unlocks their true potential.


We spend 1/3rd of our lives at work. That means spending time away from the people and things we care about. But what if that was not the case.

We want to make sure your time in the company is valued and you have the opportunities to truly unlock your potential and getting what matters most to you.

Our Culture

Transparency over Secrecy

Curious Thinkers over Mindless Doers

Proactiveness over Permission

Team Players over Divas/Superstars

Fun over Blah!

Our Founders

Kiran Menon


Kiran comes wtih over 15 years of experience in sales & corporate development. Kiran is also a wannabe musician and a father to a loving daughter! 

Nikhil Gurjer


Nikhil is our technology leader who is also passionate about cooking. Apart from 13 years of Technology Architecting experience, you will see him excelling at a stove or oven. 

Gaurabh Mathure


Gaurabh is our resident perfectionist. He knows what a good product should look and behave like and his 24/7 mission is to get there. And really it is 24/7, cause he does not sleep -