We live in an Employee Economy

The premise of the Employee Economy is that your candidates, new hires and employees decide to work with you and give you their time, energy and skills.

The Tydy story started with 3 life-long friends coming together and realizing that the way organizations were looking at employees and HR was all wrong. It was outdated and archaic. It had not changed for decades. And globally individuals wanted freedom, the power of choice and mobility. Very few organizations got this.

This is when Nikhil, Gaurabh and Kiran came together to build a solution that addresses the Employee Economy we live in. And since the launch of the platform in December 2015, Tydy has quickly become a standing example of how businesses that focus on the Employee Experience always win.

The Team

Ajay Eapan Gopal

Sales Executive

Deependra Pratap Singh

Software Engineer

Durga Prasad

Testing Engineer

Average age

of the team

Gaurabh Mathure

Co-Founder & CPO

Kiran Menon

Co-Founder & CEO

We are

an eclectic bunch

Latika Raman

Marketing Lead

Nikhil Gurjer

Co-Founder & CTO

Prayag M K

Software Engineer

Rajesh Raj

Software Engineer

Richa Singh

Sales Executive

Bangalore, India

Yup, that's where we are based - the Silicon Valley of the East.

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The Employee Economy is here and your business has fundamentally changed.

And we've got your back.