We help you build
better relationships
at work.

Our goal is to use data & insights to help organizations like yours build the best workplace culture - one that helps each individual grow to their full potential.

The enterprise is a fragmented ecosystem and employee data lies across multiple systems. Traditionally, HR teams and Exec teams have had to depend on manual reports drawn from 6-7 systems to understand what is going on with employees. And at enterprise scale - this becomes almost impossible.

Tydy integrates across all enterprise systems that house employee data and brings it together in one hub that gives HR teams the power to now automate processes that were previously manual. The workflows created on Tydy can fetch and send data across multiple systems and therefore make it a seamless process to monitor the employee performance in one platform.
For employees, Tydy picks up the data from multiple systems and gives them a single view in to their profile, data, content and information on a real-time basis.

The Tydy story started with 3 life-long friends coming together and realizing that there was a fundamental disconnect between what the modern workforce wanted from their careers and what organizations were able to deliver. Stuck with antiquated software & processes - it was becoming a challenge to attract and retain the best talent.

This is when Nikhil, Gaurabh and Kiran came together to build a solution that addresses the need to build an organization that takes every single individual's goals & aspirations in to account and that in turn helps the organization succeed. And since the launch of the platform in December 2015, Tydy has quickly become a standing example of how businesses that focus on building the best culture always wins.

The Core Team

Ajay Eapan Gopal

Sales Executive

Deependra Pratap Singh

Software Engineer

Durga Prasad

Testing Engineer

Average age

of the team

Gaurabh Mathure

Co-Founder & CPO

Kiran Menon

Co-Founder & CEO

We are

an eclectic bunch

Latika Raman

Marketing Lead

Nikhil Gurjer

Co-Founder & CTO

Prayag M K

Software Engineer

Rajesh Raj

Software Engineer

Bangalore, India

Yes, we are based in the Silicon Valley of the East.

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